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We use Profile Editor plugin to add some extra content to our profile pages, it’s included in theme, so once you activate Sky theme, there’s going to be a notification at your dashboard, prompting you to install Profile Editor.

Profile pages show users Biographical Info, it can be set via Dashboard > Users > Edit a user > Biographical Info, if Biographical Info is set, it’s going to appear at profile page for that user.

Profile pages also shows social icons, they can be set the same way as Biographical Info, available icons are Skype, Twitter, Yahoo and AIM.

Profile Editor also provides front-end form, that allows users to edit their profiles, to access it just create a new page and insert this shortcode – [editprofile]

By default Profile Editor doesn’t show Biographical Info field at front-end profile editing form, you can enable it at Dashboard > Settings > Profile Editor and check Show Biographical Info checkbox. You can also disable any of the social icons there.