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For SkyVacation version to function properly it needs 8 Geodirectory custom fields, they can be added at Dashboard > Geodirectory > Place Settings, they are:

  1. Guest Count (text) – HTML variable name: listing_guest_count
  2. Bedroom Count (text) – HTML variable name: listing_bedroom_count
  3. Bed Count (text) – HTML variable name: listing_bed_count
  4. Listing Price (text) – HTML variable name: listing_price
  5. Listing Start Date (datepicker) – HTML variable name: listing_start_date
  6. Listing End Date (datepicker) – HTML variable name: listing_end_date
  7. Adult Count (text) – HTML variable name: adult_count
  8. Children Count (text) – HTML variable name: children_count

SkyDirectory version does not need any additional fields.

SkyEstate version needs 6 custom fields, they are:

  1. Bedroom Count (text) – HTML variable name: listing_bedroom_count
  2. Bed Count (text) – HTML variable name: listing_bed_count
  3. Listing Price (text) – HTML variable name: listing_price
  4. Listing Type (select) – HTML variable name: listing_type, Option Values: For Sale,For Rent
  5. Bathroom Count (text) – HTML variable name: bathroom_count
  6. Listing Square Feet (text) – HTML variable name: square_feet