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We’re using Easy Testimonials plugin, to display testimonials at our theme.

You can add testimonials via Dashboard > Testimonials > Add New Testimonial, Shopera is using these testimonial fields:

    Excerpt – to display the text at front-end.
    Client Name – to display testimonials client/author.
    Position / Location / Other – to display clients position, this field accepts html tags, so you can add a link like <a href=””>Example</a>
    Featured Image – is used as the background picture for the thestimonials.

Testimonial carousel can be added to the page by using this shortcode – [woo_testimonial_carousel], it accepts 2 arguments, category and limit.

To show testimonials from companies category, use this shortcode – [woo_testimonial_carousel category=”companies”]

To limit the results to 3 testimonials, use this shortcode – [woo_testimonial_carousel limit=”3″]