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Download the ZIP package and unzip it, within the unzipped folder you will see a folder named seatera_stars. Upload this folder to plugins/wp-postratings/images via FTP.

  1. Log into the WordPress dashboard and click Ratings > Ratings Options.
  2. Select seatera_stars.
  3. Max Ratings has to be 10.
  4. Click on Update ‘Individual Rating Text/Value’ Display and check if there’s rating text and rating value for each rating image.
  5. At dashboard click Ratings > Ratings Templates and make sure that
  • Ratings No Permission Text – %RATINGS_IMAGES% %RATINGS_AVERAGE% <br /><em>You need to be a registered member to rate.</em>
  • Ratings None – %RATINGS_IMAGES_VOTE% (No Ratings Yet)<br />%RATINGS_TEXT%

That’s it, you’ve successfully configured WP-PostRatings