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  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard and click on Causes > Add New.
  2. Enter how much money is needed to reach the goal in “How many donations are needed” box (see image below).
  3. Enter title and text for your cause (see image below).
  4. Set featured image for cause (see image below).





Now when you have created some causes you need to add [cause] shortcode to the page on which you want to display causes.
You have two options how to select causes, either to select all causes from parent page or select cause based on exact id.
In case you want to select specific cause and display it on page:
Add this example cause shortcode to a page: [cause post_id=”1312″]. Where ‘1312’ is cause id.
In case you want to select multiple causes and display them on page:
  1. Order your causes so that you have multiple causes under parent page. (see image below)
  2. Add this example cause shortcode to a page: [cause parent=”3245″], where ‘3245’ is your parent cause id. In this case on the page you added this shortcode you will see all causes which are put under this parent cause.
P.S. When you create parent page you really don’t need to add anything to that page, it can be simple dummy page and it’s just there so that you can add child pages and use it as selector.