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You can pretty much do everything you would want to do while styling your popup content. The styling options will be available when you click on a text/button you want to edit.

  • Insert URL – Provide an URL in the text field and highlight the text you want to add the URL to. If you want to later edit your inserted url, then just click on the link.
  • Font size – There’s no limit to the font size option, you can set it as small or large as you want.
  • Line height – This is the “space” between multiple text rows, choose it as you please.
  • Font weight – Choose how “thick” you text is going to look.
  • Font color – You can provide any color you desire.
  • Background color – Set it as you please, it’s going to be applied to your text.
  • Text align – Choose how your text is going to be aligned in your popup.
  • Padding – You can position your text as you wish so it best suits your popup.